Oskar Proy is a young emerging Artist who’s songs come from the heart.

Music and singing have been the centre of Oskar’s life for as long as he

can remember. Although Oskar’s love for music was always apparent, it
all really kick started in primary school where he was given the initial
encouragement by his Music Teacher ‘Groovy’ to sing in front of others.
Since then, throughout the years Oskar has performed in many school
productions (Primary and High School) and started busking in Year 8
(has busked ever since). Oskar believes that busking is one of the best
things a developing Artist could ever do as, “It gives you a free space to
practise and harness your craft in front of the public, and you learn how to control the fear of singing/performing in front of others, so that you can feel more in control when it really counts”.

You may remember Oskar from the Voice Australia 2018 where he sang a Spanish song (Asturias Patria Querida) for his Abuela (who has advanced Dementia). Because of this, Oskar had the privilege to go and sing in Spain in Asturias (where his Abuela is from). In this time Oskar sang at the big international Canoe Race in Asturias called ‘Las Piraguas’ and also at many other occasions for the two weeks he was there, including in the town square of the city Gijon (in Asturias).

Every song Oskar has ever written comes from the experiences that have made a big impact on his life. His dream is to be able to make music and share these stories with the rest of the world, in hope that they can relate and be apart of this journey with him.

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The Sunny Cowgirls have always sung about the places and people they know best: Sophie
herself calls the fertile plains of Gunnedah home, while younger sister Celeste has recently
made the trek back west to childhood stomping ground WA.

In reflecting on their lived experience, the eight-time Golden Guitar-nominated duo sing about

who they are: sisters raised in both WA and regional Victoria – the Sunny Cowgirls take their
name from family farm Sunninghill at Dunkeld, near Victoria’s picturesque Grampians – for
whom the bush has always held an irresistible pull.

They cut their teeth performing at rodeos and agricultural shows across WA, before slinging

their swags into the back of a ute and setting out across the vast expanse of the Nullarbor,
working as rousabouts and farm hands along the way – experiences they immortalised in
debut 2005 single ‘Rousy’s Life’.

The long road and warm glow of stage lights inevitably led the pair to Tamworth’s illustrious

Academy of Country Music in 2005 where they caught the attention of Adam Brand – who promptly invited them out on the road. The rest is history written in countless kilometres of bitumen and dirt.

HUrricane fall

Hurricane Fall taking Australian country music by storm

Tamworth 2019 what a Festival, with Hurricane Fall being

the most talked about act, the band pulling one of the
biggest crowds in the history of premier venue The Longyard.

With the hotel at capacity for the band’s Saturday night

show and hundreds of fans trying to get in, venue
management and security staff were forced to implement
a one out-one in policy. The Longyard’s owners said “never
in our time running the hotel have we seen a band attract
a crowd this size. Amazing”

Hurricane Fall has grown into one of the hottest new acts in country, bringing a mix of their original material and classic-country in a high-energy, in-your-face modern country show.

Their growing legion of die-hard fans has seen demand for the band on the Rodeo, B & S and event circuits All ready this year the band has opened for Billy Ray Cyrus in QLD, Put together their own tour the 2018 Wellington Boot race, PBR events include Cairns Casino and the Global PBR event in Sydney Great Northern Country Cessnock. Groundwater CM Festival at Broadbeach, they also featured at Hats off to Country Tamworth 2018 drawing huge crowds

Their latest single “Everything” shot them to No1 in Australia on world web music site Reverb Nation.

2019 the band the band opened the Tamworth Country music festival on main stage in the park in front of 15000 people. They will also tour Canada in July

With 2 new singles on their way and their first full album the year the band is looking forward to performing at many events in 2019


Lee Kernaghan is Australia’s most loved country music identity and an outback icon. He reinvigorated Australian Country Music in the 1990’s, synthesising traditional country themes with his own brand of rural rock and images of an evolving regional culture.

Songs like The Outback Club, Boys From The Bush, Hat Town, She’s My Ute and Australian Boy are now modern day anthems for a generation of Australian’s living and working on the land.

In 2015 Lee released the epic work Spirit Of The Anzacs, based on a collection of letters and

diary records from Australian servicemen and women, some dating back to the landings at
Gallipoli. On its release the album struck a chord with the Australian people holding the
number 1 position on the Australian ARIA Album Chart for four consecutive weeks and was
the highest selling album by an Australian artist (all genres) for 2015.

All proceeds from Spirit Of The Anzacs song and music video featuring music greats Guy

Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy, Shepherd, Shannon Noll, Jon Stevens and Megan Washington
are donated in perpetuity to veteran support groups – Legacy Australia and Soldier On.

Lee has sold over two million albums in Australia with releases including Outback Club,

Three Chain Road,, 1959, Hat Town, Rules Of The Road, Electric Rodeo, New Bush, Ultimate Hits,
Spirit Of The Bush, Planet Country, Beautiful Noise, Spirit Of The Anzacs and The 25th
Anniversary Album, all achieving gold, platinum or multi-platinum status. Lee is a four-time
ARIA award winning artist and in 2015 he was presented with the Australian Record Industry
Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Lee has achieved a staggering 38 #1 chart hit songs over his career and has been awarded

37 Golden Guitars. He has been named Hit Maker of the Decade twice, in 2001 and 2011. This
accolade is in recognition of Lee having more chart hits in Australia than any other country music artist in the world.

Lee is a long-time passionate supporter of rural and regional Australia. His Pass The Hat Around Australia Tours, Spirit of the Bush Tour and Farmhand concert have raised millions of dollars for drought, flood and bushfire relief, hospitals, schools, ambulance and volunteer organisations nation-wide. In 2004 Lee was the recipient of an Order of Australia Medal and was named the 2008 Australian of the Year. 

gareth LEACH

Age: 34

Location: Greensborough, Victoria

“Part of the appeal is the excellent lyrics, and he combines

them with musically inviting songs that showcase the tone of
the lyrics.”
Gerald Stansbury - 3 Songs & Out TX, USA

Country music singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

Gareth Leach was raised in the rural Northern Victorian town
of Echuca.

Currently hailing from Melbourne, Gareth Leach draws inspiration from a spectrum as wide as Willie Nelson to Keith Urban, Jimmy Eat World to Chris Stapleton and beyond, blending Alt-Country and Americana sensibilities with the introspective and reflective lyrical concepts of his Outlaw heroes.

An established songwriter and musician prior to his solo career he wrote, performed, produced and engineered for bands Strathmore and Bateman. As a music producer, he has also written for and collaborated with musicians from the country, folk, punk and pop industry to refine, develop and realise the ideas of the songwriter.

With an ever-expanding library of songs under his belt, 2016 saw Gareth turn his focus to recording his debut country rock record. With a DIY attitude and never wavering drive to succeed - the results speak for themselves. Written, produced and performed by Gareth, he released his debut Country Single “Freeway Lines” in September 2016 which peaked at No.10 on the Australian Country Radio Charts.

His debut 7 track EP due “Settle Like Stones” released in November; blends big riffs anthems with sensitive heartfelt moments. Featuring his current single “Shoes” and “Alone Again” (a duet with 2012 Star Maker finalist Stephanie Jansen), erring to a more modern country music sound, the EP is a showcase of Leach’s writing and strong vocal performance, and a taste of what was to come. 2017 was a year of establishing himself in the Australian country music scene through touring, networking, and new music.

This period of time was integral in the maturation of Leach’s song-writing style. Shortly after TCMF 2017, he moved back to Echuca and turned his focus on to playing as many shows as possible to refine his performance techniques and embark on writing a personal and biographical full-length album. By mid-year, having performed countless shows and many hours spent writing he return to the studio under the guidance of producer Tyson Fish (Vance Joy, Riptide) to record “Death and Taxes”.

“Turn Back Jimmy Creek”, the first single from this debuted at No. 4 on iTunes, has been officially added to ABC Country radio programming, can be found on the A-List Americana Playlist and Aussie Country Playlists; was added to CMC programming, is played on Radio Australia wide and charted on many country charts including No.1 on the Australian Country Radio and staying in the top 10 for over 2 months.

His second single and title-track of the then highly-anticipated album “Death & Taxes”, was penned by Jasper Hollis and Gretta Ziller and served as the accompanying single of the album’s release. Featuring award nominated songs such as his current single “Better or Worse?” and “Turn Back Jimmy Creek”, the 2018 released album is rich in heartfelt moments, unwavering emotion and deals with an overlying concept of yearning and the struggles of life and features.

Following many Victorian, NSW and his first QLD shows in the second half of 2018, the beginning of 2019 saw Gareth performed more gigs than days featuring a full-band tour of Victoria and NSW in early January and his strongest appearance at TCMF, including 10 live shows and a guest spot at Andrew Swift’s Tamworth Hotel.

Having just released his latest single “Better or Worse?”, Gareth is now hitting his straps and making a name for himself as a songwriter with a fearless approach to powerful themes, connecting with his growing fanbase through a very powerful voice to match. Inspired by this momentum, a personal challenge to push his storytelling, and a burning desire to reach the heights of success in Australian Country Music, he has written and is in the final stages of recording his sophomore album. Without any signs of letting up, only bigger and bigger things are on the horizon for Leach as he soars into the remainder of 2019 through his upcoming performance at the Deni Ute Muster and what is shaping up to be a massive 2020 ahead.


W: www.garethleach.com
E: garethleachmusic@gmail.com
F: www.facebook.com/garethleachmusic
I: www.instagram.com/garethleachmusic
Y: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoR_vAvtCo2asz60OxEMXQg 


Making music can sometimes feel like you’re drifting on the ocean,
waiting for inspiration to appear like shore on the horizon. For
Australian singer-songwriter Andrew Swift, the sea was the

music scene. Following the release of his acclaimed 2015 debut,

the Alarm, he was adrift in the sprawling waves. But coastline
appeared in the form of country and Americana music. These timeless
genres reinvigorated his songwriting and new music flowed around

Those familiar with Swift’s impressive first record will notice the

left turn taken on follow-up Call Out For the Cavalry. The classic sound of American roots country fits him like a glove. One would think from listening to assured tracks like ‘Reckless Desires’ and ‘Ball & Chain’ that Swift has been plying his trade in the Australian alt-country scene since he picked up a guitar. But this is new territory for Swift and he’s quickly acclimatised.

​“So much has changed for me musically between the first album and this one,” says Swift. “In hindsight I think I was floundering around the Melbourne music scene, not too sure of where I belonged. After the first album I released an EP with a band and then a solo single after that. I pretty much stopped writing for about 18 months after Sound The Alarm. But then I was nudged into the country music world, and introduced to Americana and alt-country. I felt at home and writing again came with it.”

Swift made a big first impression on the country music world when he became a Toyota Star Maker grand finalist. He also teamed up with respected Americana songwriter Gretta Ziller and the pair took an intimate show of songs and storytelling on tour to caravan parks along the East Coast of New South Wales and Victoria, en route to Tamworth Country Music Festival. Ever the dogged performer, Swift has supported the likes of Shane Nicholson, Catherine Britt, Amber Lawrence, Adam Eckersley, and Lachlan Bryan.

So when the time came to record his second record, there was no shortage of country music cavalry that flocked to Swift’s side. Under the guidance of sought-after producer Matt Fell at Sydney’s Love HZ studio was a band that included guitarist Glen Hannah, drummer Josh Schuberth, Fell himself on bass, guitars, keys and percussion, Hammond organist and Adam Eckersley Band member Dan Biederman and Sam Hawksley on lap steel. Amongst Swift’s guest vocalists are Britt, Ziller and Katie Brianna. The record was mastered in Los Angeles by Pete Lyman, whose credits include Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell.

With Swift at its core, Call Out For the Cavalary is a remarkable songbook that shifts in mood and subject matter, blurring the songwriter’s own experiences with deft flourishes of fiction. Swift’s songs often counter his inherent wistfulness, melancholy or self-deprecation, with robust, jubilant melodies. ‘Reckless Desires’, a stand-out amongst a record of stand-outs, tells the story of a bloke whose ship has sailed, left only to recall how good things used to be. Upbeat opener ‘Runaway Train’ examines Swift’s commitment issues, delivered with wry humour and infectious instrumentation.

“There's a couple of songs on the record that are very personal to me, those ones in particular I felt needed to stay true, and didn't need embellishing,” Swift explains. “Each one is a story that happened some time ago but have affected me greatly over the years. In every song there are truths about me but I like to take creative licensing and twist or exaggerate the truth to make the story a little more interesting for both the listener and myself. So I guess it's a matter of deciding which songs need those twists and which ones have a strong enough story to leave as they are.”

While Call Out For the Cavalry weaves Swift’s own life with layers of imagination, there’s no hiding the starkly personal ‘King of the Sky’, the record’s poignant finale. “I was very close to my uncle when I was a kid, he filled the role of my Dad once my folks split,” Swift says. “He was a pilot and passed away in a crash when I was nine. This song is written around the memory of finding out the news, my reaction and the haze or fog that comes over you during something like that.”

Across these 10 impressive songs is a recurring theme, an observation of our need for sage advice or a shoulder to cry on. Call Out for the Cavalry acknowledges that a rallying cry is so often warranted, but often unvoiced. “There are songs that describe situations where help could be used,” explains Swift, “from bad decisions in ‘Runaway Train’, ‘Reckless Desires’, and ‘Blood Moon High’, to uncontrollable circumstances like ‘King Of The Sky’ and even where help was sought out and ignored in the ‘Devil & His Sin’.”

It seems Swift’s days of drifting may be over. Buoyed by the passionate and supportive country music scene, shore won’t ever be so far away.